Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best BLT EVER.

I'm Not Even Hungover. Really.
Take a look at this sandwich. How good does that look? I know it’s easy to make, but I thought it was just so good looking. I had to take a picture (plus, I could use the practice - obviously).

I’ve been watching a lot of Nigella Lawson on the Cooking Channel recently, and I fear I’ve adapted her lingo. I consistently want to say things like “delightful” and “morsels.”

Keep in mind, I’ve got an Arkansan accent, with a hint of Texan. It’s my own unique version of hick.

Now, imagine that hick trying to say “scrumptious” and “it’s really quite lovely.”

Good times.

My New Favorite Sandwich

Whole Wheat English Muffin (I like Thomas’s brand)

2 slices of cooked Bacon



¼ Avocado, mashed

Mayo (because I was feeling particularly “naughty”)

Toast bread. Assemble sandwich – I like mayo on one side, avocado on the other. Eat and please say, “Perfect!” in your best British accent

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